If the family wants to get better and better, what advice should we keep in mind?

1. The old people at home should be reasonable! Play silly!

2. Marry a good daughter-in-law, and it will really prosper for three generations!

3. The family should speak well! Don’t play with your mobile phones as soon as you get home!

4. The economy of husband and wife should be transparent!

5. After marriage, you must save money to cope with sudden changes in your family.

6. Don’t expect one person’s salary to support the whole family.

7. In case of a quarrel between husband and wife, don’t speak ill of each other in front of the children!

If the family wants to get better and better, what advice should we keep in mind?

8. At any time, don’t blame your parents for not creating good conditions for you. This is a very incompetent idea!

9. When there are major decisions at home, we should discuss them together, and do not make decisions privately.

10. Don’t do business together between brothers and sisters, or conflicts will easily occur!

11. Women can be strong outside, but they must learn to be soft at home; Both men and their children want to see your softness!

12. Don’t coddle children at home. The more you coddle children, the less responsible they will be in the future.

13. We should learn to think in a different way. We should not only see our own contributions to the family, but also ignore the contributions of others.

14. Men are the backbone of a family. We should learn to make more money. If men can’t make money, there will be many conflicts in the family.

If the family wants to get better and better, what advice should we keep in mind?

15. After marriage, men should not help their brothers too much, and women should not take care of their parents too much.

16. Everyone should not be trapped at home, but go out more. Trapped at home, you will only see the trivial things at home, and there will be more and more conflicts!

17. When conflicts occur, don’t think about the bad side of your family. Think about his good side more, and the conflicts will be resolved faster!

18. You should control your emotions, and don’t bring your emotions from home to work. Similarly, don’t bring your emotions from work to home. Otherwise, both work and family will fail!

19. After marriage, we should solve the problems between husband and wife by ourselves! Stop counting on your parents!

20. In the family, there is no need to speak big truth, because when there is no emotion, it will speak big truth.

21. When there is conflict in the family, do not fry the ready meal, which is the most disgusting!

If the family wants to get better and better, what advice should we keep in mind?

22. Don’t place your ideal on the next generation, start from yourself.

23. Poor couples are sad for everything. It is better to be financially and mentally independent between them!

24. Don’t be with people who have bad hobbies. Those who like red will get red. Once you catch a bad hobby, you may really destroy a family!

25. Look at the excellent people around you and try to link with them to make yourself excellent.

26. Don’t save too much. Health is the most important thing in your life.

27. You should know how to reflect, constantly reflect on yourself, summarize yourself, and make yourself further.

28. If you work outside, you should always go home and have a look. Don’t leave any regrets!

If the family wants to get better and better, what advice should we keep in mind?

29. Stay away from those carnivorous friends. Except for eating and drinking, it’s really useless. You can fly separately in trouble!

30. We should continue to learn and improve ourselves. When we are strong, the talents around us will become better.

31. Don’t always see each other’s shortcomings between husband and wife. Look at his advantages more, and the family will be more harmonious!

32. No one in the family should compete with others in food and clothing. The more comparison, the more contradictions in the family, the better to think about how to do yourself!

33. Don’t fight with your family during the Spring Festival. Many old people will avoid it!

34. As a son or daughter-in-law, pay more attention to the health of the elderly at home. Otherwise, when the elderly is ill, you will know that the health of the elderly is more important than anything!

If the family wants to get better and better, what advice should we keep in mind?

35. Don’t whine when there is a conflict at home. It’s unnecessary to complain everywhere in the community. It’s also a joke!

36. After marriage, it is better not to use the money of the old man. You should know that it is their pension money and cannot be moved!

37. Be willing to invest and spend time in educating children; With children, the quality of children plays a great role in reconciliation in a family.

38. A family must have its own plan so that everyone can work towards the common goal.

39. People in the family are most afraid of laziness. They want to rely on others and do not know how to pay. You should know that the more you do this, the easier it is to distance yourself from others. Falling behind means you may be abandoned!

40. If the family wants to cross the border, it needs everyone to do their own thing well, work together for the family, and think more for others! Life will be more harmonious and better!

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