Liu Yang’s Relatives Talk about the Return of the Fourteenth Astronaut: The Family Is Concerned About the 180 Days of “Business Trip” in Space

Elephant journalist Li Chang

The Chinese astronaut team completed the first handover in orbit. The Shenzhou XIV astronaut team will return to Dongfeng Landing Site on December 4, and the three astronauts will return from nearly half a year of space life. How are the astronauts’ families feeling at present, and how will they prepare to welcome the returning heroes? At noon on December 3, the elephant reporter interviewed Niu Zhenxi, Liu Yang’s uncle

“The whole family is worried about 180 days of space travel”

The reporter learned from the China Manned Space Engineering Office that on the evening of December 2, the Shenzhou 14 and Shenzhou 15 crew members held a handover ceremony, and the two crew members handed over the keys to the China Space Station. This is the first time that the Chinese astronaut crew has completed the handover in orbit, and the Chinese space station has officially opened the long-term manned mode

Liu Yang's Relatives Talk about the Return of the Fourteenth Astronaut: The Family Is Concerned About the 180 Days of "Business Trip" in Space

At about 11:00, when the reporter called Niu Zhenxi, he was at Liu Yang’s parents’ home.”I came to see my brother and sister at the weekend. At present, the whole family is very calm. What should I do as usual?” On the phone, Niu Zhenxi said:”After all, Liu Yang is not the first time to carry out the task. We have confidence in her.”

It is reported that the crew of Shenzhou XIV astronauts has completed all the scheduled tasks and will return to the Dongfeng landing site by Shenzhou spacecraft on December 4. At present, the landing site and all test systems are preparing for the return of astronauts

As for the return of astronauts tomorrow, Niu Zhenxi said that he would go to his sister’s home in the morning according to the”old practice”, and everyone would watch the live broadcast of the Shenzhou spaceship returning to the Dongfeng landing site in front of the TV

“Liu Yang has been on a business trip in space for 180 days. Her family misses her very much and is very concerned about her situation.” Niu Zhenxi said that these days, the whole family are”counting the days with their fingers”:”This business trip is the end of her and her family’s wishes, and now we are waiting for a complete end tomorrow!”

“When I see her, I always read and study”

Liu Yang, China’s first female astronaut, is a native of Zhengzhou. Her uncle Niu Zhenxi is the leader of Zhengzhou Red Cross Water Volunteer Rescue Team and the winner of the National Moral Model Nomination Award. Looking back on his niece’s growth path, Niu Zhenxi was most impressed by the fact that”she loves learning”

Liu Yang's Relatives Talk about the Return of the Fourteenth Astronaut: The Family Is Concerned About the 180 Days of "Business Trip" in Space

Niu Zhenxi introduced that, influenced by his parents’ work, Liu Yang was a”mechanical fan” since he was a child and was inexplicably interested in industrial machinery

“She loves learning very much. No matter when I come to her house or she comes to our house, I always see her reading and studying. Learning is the most important thing for her.” Niu Zhenxi was deeply impressed by this. He said that Liu Yang had been very clever and sensible since he was a child, with a calm personality. He was especially fond of learning, self-conscious and self-discipline, and never had to be bothered by his parents

Niu Zhenxi recalled that in 1997, his sister Niu Xiyun had consulted with him about how to fill in Liu Yang’s college entrance examination volunteer. Considering Liu Yang’s good grades and average family background, Niu Zhenxi suggested joining the army. With the help of the head teacher, Liu Yang signed up. With a high score of 31 points higher than the admission line of the local key universities in that year, he was admitted to the Changchun Flight Academy of the Air Force and became a female pilot.”At that time, no one would have thought that she could fly to space and become an aerospace hero years later.”

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