Apple’s new products are exposed and equipped with IOS system

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Recently, Apple has another new product equipped with IOS system, which has passed the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Certification , This also means that this new product may be released soon

FCC certification is a mandatory EMC certification in the United States, mainly for electronic and electrical products, involving radio, communication and other aspects. All electronic and electrical products must obtain FCC certification before they can successfully enter the U.S. market

 Apple's new products are exposed and equipped with IOS system

It is reported that Apple’s mysterious new product is codenamed “ A2657”, And Running IOS system , It is simply described as “ in the file Network adapter ”, That is what we often say Router 。 According to documents shared by the FCC, apple sent a sample of the device to the agency on January 22, 2022

 Apple's new products are exposed and equipped with IOS system

In terms of details, there may be two versions of this network adapter. One may be launched for Android users, It is equipped with two Gigabit Ethernet ports, Wi Fi, Bluetooth and NFC antennas, plus one usb-c port, 32GB internal storage and 1.5GB ram 。 The other is to launch Usb-c is replaced by lightning interface, and only 1GB ram

Unfortunately, the certification document does not provide a detailed picture of this product, and we cannot know the true face of this product. You can refer to Apple’s AirPort Extreme

 Apple's new products are exposed and equipped with IOS system

Of course, this is not the first time Apple released router products. It officially entered the router industry as early as 1999, and released the first router Airport Extreme in 2003. A year later, Apple launched the airport express series

It was not until 2018 that Apple officially announced the launch of wireless router business. It stopped the production of airport series products, including Airport Express, Airport Extreme and airport time capsule. Apple said: the final inventory will be provided on Apple’s official website, Apple retail stores and Apple authorized dealers until it is sold out

 Apple's new products are exposed and equipped with IOS system

Since then, I have never heard of the new news of Apple router, but then again, if Apple wants to build a perfect smart home platform through homekit, then router is an essential product. So, is apple router going to make a comeback

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