Why do you feel that girls’ abdomen is the most difficult to lose weight?

I used to feel that it was difficult to lose weight in my stomach, and even felt that I would not lose weight anywhere. The stomach is just like astubborn disease, which cannot be eliminated!

But this absurd idea was finally defeated by the result.

After analyzing the specific reasons, I began to adjust my diet and exercise. In only three months, I got rid of abdominal fat and became a waistcoat line.

Why do you feel that girls' abdomen is the most difficult to lose weight?

People think it is difficult to lose weight because they have never lost weight.

For unfinished things, people often think of it as difficult, like a mountain, insurmountable.

In fact, as long as we stick to the right method and do a little every day, change will happen naturally.

Why do you feel that girls' abdomen is the most difficult to lose weight?

Let me share my experience with you.

First, it is very necessary to have a thin stomach

Although there is no local slimming, deliberate local training will make the stomach more tight and more effective.

The movements I do are dead bugs, sitting and turning, and pillow curling. (The action must be standard and master the core power point)

Why do you feel that girls' abdomen is the most difficult to lose weight?

Second, adjust the diet to reduce the total calories in the day

You don’t need to starve to lose weight, really notPlease stop being superstitious about dieting

Hunger and appetite suppression are against the laws of the body.In the long run, you will only lose the balance between your relationship with food, and finally retaliate by overeating.

As a dietitian,I designed a diet menu for myself

Why do you feel that girls' abdomen is the most difficult to lose weight?

Third, adjusting your posture will make your stomach look much smoother

Many people have the problem of pelvic forward tilt. Tilting your pelvis forward will not only make your stomach protrude, but also make your legs look thicker.

So, if you have a pelvic forward tilt, you need to adjust it.

Here is a small test of pelvic forward tilt. You can try it.

Pelvic forward tilt test:

Stand against the wall, with the back of shoulders, buttocks, calves, and heels against the wall, and put your hands into the space between the waist and the wall. If the space is greater than the thickness of one palm, the pelvis will lean forward.

Why do you feel that girls' abdomen is the most difficult to lose weight?

In addition, for postpartum mothers, if you haveseparation of rectus abdominis, it will also be very difficult to reduce tummy,

Rectus abdominis separation test:

In the semi-supine position, the fingers are close together, the palm is facing the direction of your face, and the closed fingers are inserted in the area 5cm above and below the navel. If two or more fingers are inserted, it belongs to the division of rectus abdominis.

Why do you feel that girls' abdomen is the most difficult to lose weight?

Fortunately, these can be adjusted through some exercise.

Come on, everyone. As long as you are willing to pay, you can gain a good figure!

Finally, I have narcissism, bask in the latest photos, and fell in love with photography after losing weight.

Why do you feel that girls' abdomen is the most difficult to lose weight?

Why do you feel that girls' abdomen is the most difficult to lose weight?

Why do you feel that girls' abdomen is the most difficult to lose weight?

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