Now primary and secondary school teachers have three or four classes a day. Why are they so tired? What are the main reasons?

Thank you for your invitation: I can’t help shivering after reading this question. Last year, the most questions about teachers were raised throughout the year. So far this year, we haven’t seen it on the platform.

From the question of the subject, the author thinks that the subject is an alien who parachuted to this planet, or the subject has never entered the school, and the question is childish and ridiculous, which contains contempt for the teacher.

Why do I say this? The subject thinks that the teacher has three or four classes a day, four minutes a day, a total of 16 minutes, and less than three hours a day, right? What are the teachers doing for the rest of the time? Play right! The teacher is still tired, shouldn’t he? Subject.

Blind subject, please listen to the author:

The first is to clock in at 7:3am, and then go off work for tutoring and self-study at 8:00 am. Students can move freely between classes. (Don’t you know that the teacher tutors after work?)

The second is 8:10 to 8:25, which is the exercise between classes. (The teacher’s attendants maintain order. Haven’t the subject felt it?) 8:25 to 8:34, which is the activity after morning exercise.

Third, from 8:35 to 11:00, there are three classes in the morning, right? According to the subject, each division has at least two classes, right! Generally, the junior students are contracted. That is to say, there is a free time of 4O points for middle-aged and elderly people. Is the subject right? Right! Please ask the main teacher whether to correct the homework, prepare the lesson and write the lesson plan. Do you want it or not? Please give me the answer! The teacher should also write the work plan and summary of the language and arts (mathematics); Young Pioneers work plan, total; Work plan and summary of the head teacher; Transform the work plan of poor students and summarize; Safety work plan and summary; 5 safety records per class; Moral education work plan, summary, sideline thinking, labor, comprehensive practice and other plans, summary. There is also online education, where the learning of the powerful countries takes at least 9O points in their spare time every day. There are also meetings, learning, collective learning, and dealing with emergencies, such as banks, traffic police, trade unions, disabled persons’ federations, fire protection and other departments. Please count the time.

In the afternoon, 1:3O preparation, 1:4O to 2:OO writing class, whether the teacher should go off work for guidance, you said. At 2:10, the first section begins. At 4:35, students finish school. (including eye exercises)

All of the above are my experience in the office. Please respect the teacher.

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