Interns in internal medicine say that, in fact, this is all about weight loss

I have been working in the Department for 2 years. I often see sisters coming to see me to lose weight, especially in summer

in fact, we should not be so anxious. It is because we consume too little and replace too few Xie. As long as we pay attention to such details:

1: take one tablet of vitamin c/b each, once every three days, and stop for half a month

2: drink a large glass of water and warm water before eating every day, so you won’t eat so much

3: eat 9 light foods before meals to improve the generation of Xie. After meals, you can take bacteriocin tablets to promote digestion. In this way, you can get in and out faster

4: if it is more than 0.5 in the evening than in the morning, add cucumber, tomato or apple

5: form good habits and go to bed before 10:00

 internal medicine interns say that, in fact, weight loss is just such a thing

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