Wonderful universe

I’m on “ Earth ” Spacecraft, traveling in the boundless universe.

First stop, sun. I went to the sun and took some magma as fuel. I looked at mercury with a telescope in the sun. It’s so beautiful“ About to take off &hellip…” Wait for me!

The second stop, the moon. I landed on the moon, alas! It’s too dark to see anything! I used my flashlight and it finally came on. The people on the moon are very enthusiastic. I stayed for a week before I set out.

The third stop, Bilin star. Finally, we arrived at Bilin, and there was not much fuel. I mined fuel on Bilin and loaded it into the spacecraft. I look at the sun on the nearby star. Where is the sun? It’s very far from the sun. Anyway, go to the next stop.

Fourth stop, shield uy. Hoo hoo, it’s finally here. It’s too, too far. I collected some magma, put it into the spacecraft, took some pictures, and then continued to set off.

End, earth. Ah, you can go home. But the navigation is broken. Where is the earth? At this time, a black hole sucked me in. As soon as I came out, I found the earth in front of me. I got home. Great!

I opened my eyes, it was just a dream.

Written in 2018 (9 years old)

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