World preliminaries Europe Wales 1:0 Ukraine

\football review \a> it is not easy to stick to Ukrainian football until now. The last match of the world preliminaries met Wales.

although Wales has its own star bale. On the whole, Ukraine is more positive.

in the first half, Bell’s set piece caused almorenko’s own goal. Because almorenko hit the ball with his head, and the ball scored without a successful break.

according to some live website data, Welsh goals can be regarded as almorenko’s own goals.

the Ukrainian football team has been displaced in recent days. The training is not systematic. When playing football and attacking, it is mainly for stability. It is not creative.

the Ukrainians, despite sticking to their football ideals. However, the game is difficult and the expected miracle will not happen.

Welsh football is not very good either. But Ukraine’s ability to seize the opportunity is still unsatisfactory.

perhaps, for the Ukrainian football team, all the results are expected.

looking forward to the end of the conflict, Ukraine can rebuild the European granary and the Ukrainian Premier League.

it’s a pity that Ukrainian football is lost to Wales, but the players are still fighting hard. This is the spirit of professional football.

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