What is the Italian Cannon in the Sword? How strong is it?

Second battalion commander, where are your fucking Italian cannons? Pull it for me! This classic line that appeared in Liangjian has become the most popular online language at present. In the”Ping’an Geller” campaign of”reversing the situation of World War II”, the Italian gun that knocked down the city tower with one shot became the final BOSS killing skill. So, how powerful is this powerful weapon to kill Japanese special forces?

What is the Italian Cannon in the Sword? How strong is it?The original French version of the”Italian artillery” in the photo of”The Sword” is not an Italian artillery, but a 75mm field artillery of 1897 type, which was developed by the artillery development team composed of French General De Ville, Colonel de Boer and Captain Rimaio. The reason why it is called Italian artillery is that it was sold from France to Italy and then to China. It is named because of its Italian logo. This kind of artillery can be described as the first modern field artillery in military history, and its most powerful point is that it is equipped with anti-recoil device. Most of the artillery in modern Europe, as we can see in the war game, is only equipped with a steel frame, which causes huge recoil force every time the artillery is fired. The gunner needs to reset and aim again, which is laborious and time-consuming. The technical innovation of this”Italian Cannon” makes its firing rate reach 15 rounds per minute. This high performance has made it highly respected by European countries since its birthWhat is the Italian Cannon in the Sword? How strong is it?Picture/Legal 1897 type 75mm field gun (the prototype of”Italian gun”), which has made great contributions to the French in the First World War, The ultra-high rate of fire made the German troops who attacked the French fortress trench suffer (the war mode at that time was still limited to the era of positional warfare that shook the enemy’s military defense line, such as the Battle of Man River and the Battle of Verdun, where both sides used intensive fire to attack the local front or conduct defense, and the infantry casualties on both sides were huge). The production of this 1897 type 75mm field gun in France continued until the World War II, which can be described as an evergreen tree in the history of war. In the period of World War II, the modern fast mobile combat mode represented by Hitler’s Blitzkrieg began to dominate the European battlefield at that time, and the”Italian Cannon”, which had once displayed great power in positional warfare, gradually withdrew from the historical stage due to lack of mobility. However, in the Chinese anti-Japanese battlefield, the”Italian artillery” and the 75mm field artillery produced by the German Krupp Arsenal became the important artillery equipment for the Chinese troops (mainly the national army) to fight against the Japanese invaders at that timeWhat is the Italian Cannon in the Sword? How strong is it?The legal 1897 type 75mm field gun in the First World War In”The Sword”, Japan adopted the iron wall encirclement tactics in the Shanxi region at that time, and used a large number of artillery buildings to block traffic lines and important towns, which brought great disadvantages to the Eighth Route Army, which lacked artillery at that time, But this kind of artillery building belongs to the level of appetizer for the field artillery from the western battlefield. Therefore, although Li Yunlong’s”Italian Cannon” was an outdated equipment in the western world at that time, it was still an absolute weapon against the Japanese army for the Eighth Route ArmyWhat is the Italian Cannon in the Sword? How strong is it?Figure/Japanese artillery building reference: 1. Li Qingshan, Modern Weapons, Star Map Press, 2012.05, page 1. 2. (US) Chuck Wells, translated by Wu Hao, History of Weapons, Heilongjiang Science and Technology Press, 2007

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