What things can you only turn a blind eye to?

1. Don’t ask after the meeting of old classmates without informing you, which means that you are not the same person anymore.

2. At the dinner table, when others urge you to drink, don’t follow the lead. If you drink, you will be jointly and severally liable.

3. You can pretend not to know the red matter of relatives’ family without notice, which has already explained the attitude of relatives without notice.

4. Don’t be fooled by other people’s words. The best way is not to know.

What things can you only turn a blind eye to?

5. For other people’s family affairs, you can make suggestions, but you can’t make a decision. Otherwise, it’s your responsibility to fail.

6. Knowing that his predecessor still has feelings for himself, he can only pretend not to know for the sake of his present life, let alone give his predecessor any hope and fantasy.

7. Other people’s embarrassments and secrets, even if you know them in detail, don’t disclose them to the outside world, and they should rot in your stomach.

8. If you can’t change your lover’s small habits and shortcomings, you should try to accept them. If you are too serious, marriage is bound to be contradictory.

What things can you only turn a blind eye to?

9. As a man, bad words from his wife and mother must be heard from one ear to another. Don’t pass them back.

10. The elders don’t say anything about the gratitude and resentment of the previous generation. The younger generation should not make decisions without authorization. The generation will hate the generation. Don’t mix too much without the instructions of the elders.

11. It’s good to know that a colleague is beating you behind the back. It’s hard to break your face, but you must keep a distance in the future.

12. Someone secretly presents gifts to the leader. Don’t be quiet when you see them. Gifts are all carried out in secret, which means dismantling the stage.

What things can you only turn a blind eye to?

13. I heard that a friend’s investment failure, bankruptcy and other bad things, as long as the friend doesn’t say, don’t ask. Nobody wants to show his scars to others, unless you can lend him money.

14. A friend’s way of doing things, even if you can’t stand it, but it doesn’t threaten your interests, you should turn a blind eye to it.

15. In the face of hypocrisy, people who can only do superficial kung fu should not be too serious. In the face of such people, we should treat them in their own way. If they are fake, you should be more fake.

What things can you only turn a blind eye to?

16. Inadvertently, I saw the leaders and female colleagues ambiguous in the office, so I had to turn around and leave, not only can’t say it, but also can’t spread it everywhere.

17. Friends who have not contacted for many years suddenly contact with each other, and can only open one eye and close one eye, because most of this situation is something to trouble you.

18. It’s better to know whether brothers and sisters are living well or not. Don’t judge or care about them. It’s better to be confused about these things.

What things can you only turn a blind eye to?

19. The man’s salary card has been handed in, but occasionally he hides some private money. If the amount is not large, just turn a blind eye and give him some freedom. Don’t worry too much.

20. Don’t tangle with the things that can’t be retrieved. All the unhappy things, as long as they are not too outrageous, are actually letting themselves go.

What things can you only turn a blind eye to?

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