What can girls insist on doing to become more and more beautiful and have temperament?

1. Eating breakfast well is more effective than makeup.

2. Drink 8 cups of boiled water every day, especially one cup before breakfast every morning.

3. Anti-sugar, try to control eating less sweets.

4. Soaking feet is the lowest cost of body maintenance, stick to it!

5. After using the computer, wash your face well.

What can girls insist on doing to become more and more beautiful and have temperament?

6. Adhere to sports and exercise, people will appear more energetic and young than their peers.

7. When communicating with others, don’t have so many small actions, don’t pick your nose and don’t lift your hair.

8. Take a proper nap and refresh yourself, so you won’t be so tired.

9. After 11 o’clock in the evening, big things can’t affect your sleep.

10. Sunscreen is the best care for skin, and we should adhere to it all year round.

What can girls insist on doing to become more and more beautiful and have temperament?

11. Don’t cross your legs, it will affect your posture.

12. After lunch, stand against the wall for 15 minutes to burn fat and lose weight, which is also good for cervical vertebra.

13. After 7 o’clock in the evening, don’t eat food with high carbon water. It will grow belly and thigh.

14. When eating, both sides of the teeth need to be used. Only one side of the teeth will increase the masseter muscle and make the face uncoordinated.

15. Eating less heavy food, especially salty food, will make you puffy and prone to freckles.

What can girls insist on doing to become more and more beautiful and have temperament?

16. Don’t open your mouth when you are free, it will affect your face value.

17. Bubble your feet when you have time, which is the lowest cost method to lose weight and remove dampness.

18. Eating more coarse grains can prevent constipation.

19. Don’t sit in the office for a long time, hurt your kidney, your gluteus muscle will lose memory, and your butt will become bigger after a long time.

20. Three red dates a day can nourish qi and blood.

What can girls insist on doing to become more and more beautiful and have temperament?

21. Trying to do yoga will make your body more flexible.

22. Read more paper books. A woman who loves reading books is independent and sober.

23. Learn to control your emotions. People who are irritable and irritable often live unhappy lives.

24. No matter how difficult life is, you should do something to relax yourself every day.

25. Try to smile more at yourself, walk with your head up and chest up, and give yourself more confidence.

What can girls insist on doing to become more and more beautiful and have temperament?

26. If you live on a low floor, change the elevator to climb.

27. Don’t work for a while, brush your mobile phone for a while, and then want to eat some snacks. Your attention is very scattered, which will greatly affect your mood.

28. Rub your ears if you have nothing to do, which is better for your health!

29. Eat more vegetables and less fruits, although they are all vitamins.

30. We don’t need more clothes, but we need to be refined. We should wear some textured clothes and light makeup to make our image more and more brilliant, and people are more confident.

What can girls insist on doing to become more and more beautiful and have temperament?

A woman’s face is given by her parents,

But the acquired temperament is self-cultivated

Pay more attention to your growth,

Listen to your heart,

Put more energy on yourself,

Women who love themselves very much,

can better nourish yourself,

Live confidently, confidently and expectantly,

All eyes are light,

Where to go,

will brighten your eyes

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