Besides working, what kind of freelance can earn 200 a day?

There is a noodle stall at the entrance of our community. I often buy vegetables and pass by. Sometimes when I see that the landlady is not busy, I will chat with the landlady.

Besides working, what kind of freelance can earn 200 a day?

Because we have two kindergartens, one primary school, two communities, and one village in the city, there are still many people who eat breakfast outside in the morning.

When I went to school in the morning, the landlady was very busy. Sometimes her husband or her son comes to help.

I often look at how many eggs she uses a day

Because her intestines powder, one portion of intestines powder, one egg, if not, chopped ham sausage.

I often see her use two or three boards of eggs.

Besides working, what kind of freelance can earn 200 a day?

If you use two plates of eggs, that is 60 portions of sausage powder, and one portion is 120 yuan according to the net profit of 2 yuan, without the addition of ham sausage, I see that two plates of eggs are the least. Sometimes I see more than two plates.

You should be able to earn 200 yuan a day.

Besides working, what kind of freelance can earn 200 a day?

She is lucky.

Her stall is on the roadside of a building in a village in the city. At first, she set up her stall there. The owner of the building charged her 100 yuan a month.

Now a stall of 100 yuan a month is very cost-effective. So her income should be 200 yuan per day.

I don’t know if there are any more expensive stalls.

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