Why do you insist on investing in stocks?

Because I lost my job, I only have to speculate in stocks. Because I’m stupid, I think it’s so easy to buy low and sell high! I told my mother that stock trading is like opening a shop and doing business. Each stock is like goods on the shelf. I can earn the difference if I buy at a low price and sell at a high price. There is no rent or labor cost.

In addition, my uncle and sister-in-law, my grandfather, all of them make money by speculating in stocks. They also make money by visiting relatives. This strengthens the confidence that speculating in stocks can make money. My grandfather, in particular, bought the shares of a listed company here and distributed dividends and shares every year. I don’t know how nourishing it was.

But I didn’t expect to be locked in the stock market after I made a barrel of money in the stock market. Fortunately, I met my master when I was losing the most. He told me that there are only two ways to make stocks, either value investment, that is, holding Maotai at tens of yuan, Haitian Flavor at tens of yuan, and Aier Eye at a few yuan. Or price speculation. When the stock rises, take advantage of the profits. When the trend disappears or changes, run away. Never fall in love with the stock.

In a word, I have seen others make money in the stock market. I have also made money in the stock market myself. I believe I can still make money in the stock market in the future. As I said, it is so easy to make money by buying low and selling high! This is also the purest motivation to speculate in stocks.

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