• The help of dietary psychology in weight control and weight loss

    Abstract: by making better food choices, you may be able to reduce compulsive eating behavior and control weight gain. You can also experience a sense of calm, high energy levels or alertness from the food you eat. Pay attention to Uncle Ming’s weight loss information and learn some psychological knowledge related to weight loss every day.. What is the psychological impact of eating What we eat affects how we feel Food should make us feel good. Well, it tastes good and can nourish our bodies. However, if you eat too…

    May 11, 2022 fitness
  • The biggest difficulty in losing weight. Is to keep yourself hungry for a long time

    I believe everyone has heard a lot about diet and diet control. Here I also have physical and mental experience. At first, I didn’t eat at night, or I ate one or two meals a day. They have meals in the morning and at noon. In the evening, a small amount of UM fruit is used to replace dinner, but the result is a cold stomach. Eating raw and cold fruits and vegetables will be stuffy and have a stomachache. Therefore, it is suggested that we should not eat fruit…

    May 9, 2022