• Hu Xinyu’s latest progress was responded by Hikvision, which did not make a conclusion whether the video was deleted

    Hu Xinyu has lost contact for more than 80 days, but the police only concluded that Hu Xinyu left on his own because he was bored with school, and it is still speculated. In this conclusion, it also highlights the campus video that people have been focusing on before, and their response is that the equipment production technicians issue a description after identification, indicating that the video has not been deleted. However, a few days later, Hu Xinyu, a manufacturer of video monitoring equipment in Zhiyuan Middle School, publicly said…

    January 6, 2023
  • A smart lock suitable for the elderly and children with video. How fragrant is it?

    About smart locks, although they are deeply loved by 80, 90, and even some Post-00 people who just enter and leave the society. Because of its multi style unlocking mode and high practical safety guarantee function, it gives them more convenience and safety in their busy work and life. But in addition, there are still some families in society with old people and children; Then when purchasing smart locks, we will start around them. Generally, for families with elderly and children, intelligent lock products that are easy to operate and…

    May 10, 2022