• Biden decided to provide the Ukrainian army with rockets, Putin lit up his nuclear weapons, and intercontinental missiles lifted off on the Eastern European plains

    Wen / Jun Jian The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has reached a decisive moment. The fierce battle is unfolding in the northern Donetsk region. Because the Russian army is well equipped, the Ukrainian army is constantly losing ground. Even President Zelensky of Ukraine has to admit that the”situation is difficult”. (Russia and Ukraine are fighting in northern Donetsk) Under such circumstances, the United States is testing Russia’s red line and preparing to provide Ukraine with more powerful attack weapons recently, the United States released a message saying that Biden…

    June 1, 2022 military
  • Ukrainian returned bloggers blew themselves up: they were dismissed by the unit because they had been infected with novel coronavirus! Cause heated discussion

    in the evening, I found a concerned blogger and posted a regretful video. She was dismissed by the company! the blogger has hundreds of thousands of fans on Tiktok and Weibo. she first paid attention to her when there was chaos in Ukraine and Russia this year. She was still in Ukraine at that time. As an international student, she watched her classmates, or their relatives and friends, go to the battlefield, and her life was different from this. later, she successfully boarded the national rescue plane, experienced many difficulties…

    May 29, 2022 world
  • Ukrainian militants burn Dutch flags to protest against Russia? Old rumors

    The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has lasted for three months, and rumors about Russia and Ukraine are still circulating on social networks. Recently, a “ Ukrainian militants took a video against Russia and burned the Dutch flag ” The news was spread on western social networks, and then moved to domestic social media by many domestic we media. After verification, the online content appeared as early as 2016, when the Russian Ukrainian war had not yet begun. Through the anti search of the image retrieval tool, it can be…

    May 25, 2022 world
  • Foreign media said that the Russian Ukrainian war may affect 40% of China’s military aircraft. In fact, the domestic engine has already been in place

    According to a report by the foreign media air force magazine on May 19, the “ China Aerospace Research Institute; At the conference of China Aerospace Studies Institute, some experts said that China has not mastered advanced military engine technology, so it can not get rid of its dependence on Russian made engines. As the war between Russia and Ukraine continues, Russia must first meet the needs of the Russian air and space forces for engines, and up to 40% of the fighters of the people’s Liberation Army may be…

    May 21, 2022 military
  • Ukrainian army damaged 14 Russian ships, and Taiwan military experts were inspired that shore mounted missiles can destroy PLA aircraft carriers

    Set “ Defense and Security Research Institute; Scholar Jiang xinpyo recently wrote that the Ukrainian army “ Land dominates the sea ” Opposite platform “ Enlightenment: Taiwan’s mobile missile force can only be in “ Allies ” With intelligence support, “ Destroy the enemy’s important targets and have a deterrent effect on the enemy;. According to Jiang xinpyo’s statistics, the Ukrainian army sank or injured as many as 14 Russian ships with missiles and UAVs, successfully attacked the strength of the Russian Black Sea fleet, and formed the effects of…

    May 21, 2022
  • How powerful can “small” weapons play a major role and individual firearms equipped in the Russian Ukrainian conflict?

    Individual firearms mainly refer to portable anti tank missiles, air defense missiles or attack UAVs that can be carried and operated by a single soldier or 2-3 people. It is characterized by convenient carrying, simple operation, rapid response, dense layout, light and practical, and the cost is relatively low “ Javelin ” Anti tank missile During the Russian Ukrainian conflict this time, the Ukrainian army used “ Poisonous sting ” Air defense missile, “ Javelin ” Anti tank missiles, and “ Spring knife ” Attack UAV is a typical individual…

    May 21, 2022 military
  • The red rose active in the Russian Ukrainian battlefield — Ukrainian female soldiers

    From the Ukrainian army surrendered by Yasu steel plant, we can see the figure of female soldiers. Their hair is messy and their faces are tired, but they still can’t hide their handsome faces! This is the black female soldier before the war, sweet and lovely This is the Ukrainian female soldier after the war, with a tired face Ukraine requires women aged 18-60 to register for military service. Women account for about 22.8% of the Ukrainian army, which is far higher than Russia and the United States and the…

    May 19, 2022 military
  • Ukrainian media: the United States is ready to transport a batch of m777 howitzer shells to Ukraine

    According to Ukrainian media reports on the 19th, the United States is preparing to deliver a batch of shells and other ammunition for m777 howitzers to Ukraine. The United States said on the 15th that the 90 m777 howitzers promised by the United States to Ukraine have basically arrived in Ukraine. (CCTV News)

    May 19, 2022
  • Ukrainian Minister of agricultural policy and food: grain production in Ukraine may fall by 50% this year

    On May 18 local time, when attending an international conference by video, Ukrainian Minister of agricultural policy and food soliski said that Ukraine’s food production is likely to decline by 50% this year, and the sowing of winter crops will also be seriously affected. The international community should be prepared to raise the price of wheat per ton from the current 430 US dollars to 700 US dollars. (CCTV reporter Wang Delu) Source: CCTV news client

    May 18, 2022
  • The Ukrainian government ordered the defenders of Yasu steel plant to “evacuate”. Did the big fish slip away?

    May 16 (local time), Ukraine The military command ordered the force commander of Yasu steel plant “ Save people’s lives ”, That is, lay down arms to the Russian Army “ Evacuate ”, In order to rescue the Ukrainian army trapped underground in the steel plant, it is planned to return to Ukraine through the exchange of prisoners of war Ukrainian news agency screenshot By the morning of May 18, Russia reported today that there were 959 Ukrainian defenders “ Evacuate &rdquo Eighty people were injured, 51 of whom were…

    May 18, 2022 military