• Struggling youth ⑭ – Ma Yuting: fight tumor to the end

    If the body of a cancer patient is compared to a battlefield, cancer cells are cunning “ The enemy;, The immune system is “ Defensive forces;, Scientists have been looking for new ways to help the immune system fight tumors; Weapons ”. Jiangsu news broadcasting “ The striver is young ” Column, today (May 26), let’s approach Ma Yuting, a young scientist in the field of medicine A month before the college entrance examination, grandpa died suddenly because of a blood tumor. During his master’s degree, Grandpa was also diagnosed…

    May 26, 2022 health
  • “TP53” is the patron saint of normal cells and the executioner of tumor cells

    Preface TP53 gene is a tumor suppressor gene. In 1987, studies showed that TP53 allele point mutations were widely found in the genomes of many human tumor cells. TP53 has a high mutation frequency in human tumor cell genome, and TP53 gene mutation exists in 30% ~ 50% of human tumors [1] TP53 and apoptosis In almost all mammalian cells, TP53, as a loyal guard, undertakes the important function of removing defective or inactivated cells from its own tissues to ensure the orderly function of cells. For those early tumor…

    May 25, 2022
  • After tumor surgery, patients breathe through metal tubes. This postoperative management clinic allows patients to regain a new “voice”

    Aunt Chen, 67, was operated on in a local hospital because she found a thyroid tumor. During the operation, it was found that the thyroid tumor involved the recurrent laryngeal nerve and trachea. She could not pull out the tube after the operation. She had to perform tracheotomy on the 7th day after the operation. She needed to breathe through a metal tube in her neck. What’s worse, she could not breathe through her mouth and nose completely after 2 weeks. The old lady could not write and could not…

    May 20, 2022
  • Kill tumor cells efficiently! Beijing scientists have made heavy research achievements, which has attracted international attention!

    Recently, Beijing Normal University College of Chemistry Professor Yang Qingzheng The research results of the research group are based on “ A host– guest strategy for converting the photodynamic agents from a singlet oxygen generator to a superoxide radical generator†” Published in the Royal Chemical Society flag ship Journal Chemical Science。 Photodynamic therapy (PDT) It is a tumor treatment strategy that has attracted much attention in recent years. It uses photosensitive drugs to sensitize molecular oxygen to generate reactive oxygen species to kill tumor cells under specific wavelength irradiation. It…

    May 20, 2022 health
  • Solve the difficulties after bladder tumor operation! Laicaiyong, chief physician of Jinan University, has made important progress in the research on surgical treatment of bladder cancer

    Wang Sheng (a pseudonym), who has just retired, is a surgeon who has worked in a tertiary hospital for many years. He was going to enjoy a relaxed retirement life after retiring from his busy job. He began to have painless gross hematuria at the end of 2021 after long-term smoking. Subsequent imaging examination found that it was a bladder tumor that had invaded the bladder muscle layer. Cystoscopy showed that it was a high-grade transitional epithelial cell tumor and needed radical cystectomy. As a doctor, Wang Sheng knows and…

    May 18, 2022