• TSMC’s Xiaolong 8gen1plus appears, and Motorola’s 30ultra is the first in the world

    It is understood that the follow-up of Xiaolong 8gen1 is coming, Xiaolong 8gen1plus. Xiaolong 8gen1plus adopts TSMC 4nm process material, and the code may be “ SM8475”, Xiaolong 8gen1plus adopts “ 1+3+4” The three cluster architecture is composed of super large core cortex X2, large core cortex a710 and small core cortex A510. The CPU frequency is 2.99ghz, and the energy efficiency is better than Xiaolong 8gen1. (may meet you in June) On this processor, the one most likely to get the first launch is “ Millet ” And “…

    May 7, 2022