• Time does not exist

    Time doesn’t exist. It is only the product of the differentiation of human consciousness. If the earth does not rotate and there is no night and day, is it necessary for mankind to set time? If everything in the universe is at rest, will there still be the concept of time? Obviously, if everything is at rest, time has no meaning. Things in the universe are always in motion at this moment. Since there is no time, the life span of all things is actually the same. A thousand years…

    May 26, 2022
  • Time you think is not real time. Real time doesn’t exist

    Time is people’s understanding of Change process of things Measurement Standards. At first, the Motion cycle As a tool to measure the change process of things. For example, year (Earth’s rotation cycle around the sun), month (Moon’s rotation cycle around the earth), and day (Earth’s rotation cycle). However, tools such as the sun, earth and moon are too huge, and their measurement accuracy is too rough. For example, people can only use processes such as “ half an hour or ten minutes; The Kung Fu of a meal ” This…

    May 21, 2022 science