• Coach suns denounced the referee and accused the League of escorting the lone ranger. This kind of black whistle has only been seen in 2016

    The Suns were defeated in the fourth game against the lone ranger. Chris Paul, the core point guard of the team, was kicked out of the game for six fouls, and his family was pushed and nearly beaten by the lone ranger fans in the stands. This made the Suns very dissatisfied. Booker first refused to discuss the referee after the game, Coach Monti criticized the referee’s practice directly after the game. In an interview, Monti was asked what he thought of today’s law enforcement referee, and he said “…

    May 8, 2022
  • Dongqiqi’s 26 + 13 + 9 Lone Ranger beat the sun and pulled back the city. Paul made 12 points and 7 mistakes

    In today’s western semi-finals, the fourth lone ranger in the West played the first suns in the west at home. Finally, the lone ranger defeated the Suns 103-94 at home, and the score was still 1-2 behind. Booker even scored three points and Claude also scored three points. The Suns started 9-3. Brenson hit three points after breaking through and scoring in a row, and klebel also scored three points. The lone ranger hit a wave of 13-0 anti surpassing 7 points. After Paul CIC responded, bridges scored continuously, but…

    May 7, 2022