summer skirts

  • After seeing so many “skirts”, these Japanese housewives are the best to wear, neither fancy nor tender

    # That’s it # For some women who have a weak sense of wearing and matching, the skirt can be said to be a piece that tests clothes, which makes many people dare not choose it. This needs to be overcome. After looking at so many matching skirts, I found that Japanese housewives are the best at wearing them. Even if they are just ordinary styles, they can easily highlight the sense of fashion. Then the wearing skills need us to explore. They are neither fancy nor tender. Let’s see…

    May 17, 2022 fashion
  • Middle aged women around 40 wear “half skirt + shallow mouth single shoes” in summer, which is comfortable and temperament

    A truly attractive woman knows the distribution of elegant temperament when dressing up. In addition to paying attention to the importance of internal personality, she should also reflect the amazing beauty brought by external image, grasp the essence of both inside and outside, and show the charm of middle age. Once a woman is in her 40s, she is not as easy to control the advantages of clothing as when she was young. More focus should be shifted to the advantages and disadvantages of her figure. When middle-aged women choose…

    May 11, 2022 fashion
  • “Lazy shoes” are the standard in summer. They are comfortable, high and elegant regardless of pants and skirts

    As a girl, everyone has the characteristics of love to buy. After buying clothes and skirts, they have to choose a pair of suitable shoes. Each set of clothes should be matched with different shoes. They want to have eight legs and put each pair of good-looking shoes in their pocket. As a result, some of them are gray and haven’t been worn for several times. Stop, you only need a pair of lazy shoes this summer. No matter what style of pants and skirts you wear, they are comfortable,…

    May 10, 2022 fashion