• Marshal Zhu De’s military street is numbered 004. After 60 years, he revealed his identity 001 and met chairman Mao again

    In 1955, a major event occurred in China, that is, our party officially decided to hold a medal ceremony to determine an appropriate rank for these commanders who made outstanding contributions to the cause of people’s liberation, especially to elect ten marshals of the Republic. At that time, it was a great event that triggered a great discussion. The whole people were looking forward to it, wondering which generals would become marshals. A few months later, the final screening results came out. Of course, the top ten marshals ranked first….

    May 26, 2022 military
  • Street Show Series 7 ~ sweet love

    Street show, It’s not just clothes, The show is sweet talk, Show is the warmth of love Crying is a single dog, It’s just shopping. I have to watch others show their love. Original text, pictures from the Internet, infringement, please contact to delete

    May 9, 2022 fashion