• A rare meteor storm may come this weekend, with thousands of meteors

    Author: Alfredo carpineti Compilation: wugfuany Image source: Nicole reindl ccby4 0 A few weeks ago, news of a possible meteor storm at the end of May began to circulate &mdash— This is the first meteor storm in 20 years. Now, researchers report another possible possibility that this will happen in just two days. The culprit may be the double asteroid 2006 Gy2. Meteor storm is a regular meteor shower on steroids. The best meteor shower may produce 100 celestial stripes in an hour, but most of them belong to “…

    May 20, 2022
  • The disasters and stages of global warming in the future: high temperature, storm and earthquake

    Previously, we talked about human production and life. The exploitation and use of fossil energy formed by biological remains accumulated in the earth’s crust for tens of millions of years not only releases a lot of heat energy, but also releases a lot of greenhouse gases. In addition, the utilization and release of energy such as nuclear energy and solar energy (a large part is finally released into the earth’s surface and atmosphere in the form of heat energy), which leads to the continuous increase of earth’s surface energy, Coupled…

    May 7, 2022 science