• Will this meeting open a new round of spring for China’s digital economy? What does the general rise of China concept stocks mean?

    Today, the country held a very important meeting with the theme of “ Promote the sustained and healthy development of Digital Economy ” After the special consultation meeting, the performance of Hong Kong stock technology stocks was quite bright. Hang Seng technology index rose by 5.78%, Shunyu optical technology rose by more than 13%, BYD electronics and ideal car rose by more than 9%, JD and Alibaba rose by more than 7%, BiliBili and Netease rose by more than 6%. In terms of U.S. stocks in the evening, the popular…

    May 17, 2022
  • Specific performance of individual stocks of zhonggai yesterday

    On Tuesday (May 10), China concept stocks rose, and the NASDAQ Jinlong index rose 1.83% to close at 5767. IShares MSCI China Index ETF rose 1.46% to close at US $45.45. Among technology stocks, Jinshan cloud rose 13.2%, vipshop rose 6.89%, iqiyi rose 5.59%, meituan, Netease and huanju group rose more than 4.1%, Sohu rose 3.27%, Tencent rose 2.71%, auto home rose 2.37%, BiliBili rose 1.97%, baidu rose 1.21%, JD rose 1.2%, Weibo Rose 1.1% and Huya rose 1.05%; Alibaba fell 0.29%. Among consumer stocks, green hotel rose 13.98%, daily…

    May 10, 2022