• Go back to the old Rushford road! 18million stars hope to be put in high position and threaten Manchester United, but they will be eliminated

    Guide: in Manchester United, some players seem to have reached a consensus: once they can’t be taken seriously and can’t get enough playing time, they will use leaving the team to coerce the senior management. This is true of Henderson, Rushford and lindegaard. At this stage, according to the information disclosed by the British media, a player has joined the queue to coerce Manchester United. He also hopes to get more playing time in this way, However, his little calculation is wrong. At present, the”Red Devils” are considering eliminating it…

    May 29, 2022 sports
  • Neutron stars – not the most extreme things that become black holes

    Neutron stars are one of the most extreme and vigorous celestial bodies in the universe. Objects with a diameter of only a few thousand meters, composed of huge atomic nuclei, have the mass of stars, and their existence is attributed to the magnificent destruction of some things. the survival of a star depends on a fragile balance. Hundreds of millions of tons of hot plasma are pulled into the star by gravity, and the great pressure makes the materials squeeze together, resulting in hydrogen fusion into helium. The energy released…

    May 28, 2022 science
  • We can calculate that the mass of the earth is about 6 trillion tons. Can larger and farther stars be counted? can

    The mass of the earth is 5.965×10 ∧ 24 kilograms, which is about 6 trillion tons When it comes to this, someone always asks: “ The earth is so big, how do you know its mass;? The reason why we know the mass of the earth is that two scientists told us that one is Newton and the other is Cavendish. Newton discovered universal gravitation and put forward the formula of universal gravitation, that is, f = g (m1m2 / R ∧ 2). Any two objects with mass have mutual…

    May 25, 2022 science
  • The ten most beautiful female stars have a panoramic view of legal lines, freckles and wrinkles, but they are very beautiful

    Female stars in the entertainment industry will inevitably have “ Beauty burden ”, In this case, those actresses who are natural and true and dare to face the plain face are even more precious No. 10: Liu Lin Like Wu Yue, Liu Lin belongs to the type of light make-up over heavy make-up. Her most classic role is Dehua in parental love. She has a plain face all the way and even lacks half of her eyebrows In the suspense drama “who is the murderer” broadcast this year, Liu Lin…

    May 23, 2022 entertainment
  • Is it true that “nine stars and beads day, when disaster comes”?

    When it comes to strange astronomical phenomena, I don’t know what will come to mind for the first time? For this question, I believe everyone will have different answers, but “ Nine stars and beads &rdquo, The probability will appear in your answers. But in fact, what is nine star Lianzhu? Nine stars and beads are related to disaster? Will it affect the earth? And the celestial bodies that really affect the earth are not very clear to most people Therefore, let’s take a look at whether it is true…

    May 23, 2022 science
  • The more simple and charming the skirt that female stars can’t put down, from Queen s to Selena

    When everyone is still remembering Black · When leffley made a stunning look on met Gala this year, she suddenly found that she had an ace dress, which was a favorite item of the Queen s when she went out in summer. And the style is so simple that it is not novel, but it has become a summer dress loved by many European and American female stars. This dress is a suspender silk and satin dress. I really like black’s matching. Cream silk and satin skirt can easily turn…

    May 22, 2022 fashion
  • 10 billion times harder than steel! In the known universe, the hardest matter should come from neutron stars

    From the microscopic point of view, the objects we usually see are actually composed of a large number of atoms. The hardness of the objects varies greatly according to the types and combination methods of atoms. For example, diamond is composed of all carbon atoms. The combination method is that each carbon atom will be combined with the four carbon atoms next to it through covalent bonds, so as to form the crystal structure shown in the figure below. In such a structure, the carbon atom has all the “…

    May 18, 2022 science
  • Tonight, the stars are silent. It’s a long way to ride

    Dismount and drink your wine and ask you what you want. If you are not satisfied with your words, you will return to the southern mountain border. But go to Mo Fu and ask, when the clouds are endless. Lao Wang is called Mojie in Chinese characters. He wrote pastoral poems and painted landscapes. Although there are slight defects in his life, his nature is clean and free of dirt. He neither holds his arms nor prays between parting. He comes and goes whenever he comes and goes. It really…

    May 18, 2022 travel
  • These six stars are too “weak” in acting. They are afraid of pain, hardship and fatigue. They have to be coaxed

    The income of many popular stars in the entertainment industry can’t match their professional dedication. The pain and fatigue of filming seem to have been greatly wronged. The director has to coax the director by setting an example for a suffering play; Weakness ” I really don’t like your appearance. With “ Xiao Yangyang ” When Xing Zhaolin, who was famous for his fame, appeared in the online drama beloved concubine of two generations, he had a flirting with the female leader Liang Jie at that time. Instead, he was…

    May 10, 2022 entertainment
  • Eating too many of these four kinds of fruits “makes people grow old”. Female stars never touch them and advise women to be merciful

    Aging is a necessary stage for everyone to live in the world. Especially after the age of 40, all organs of the human body will slowly age, and all functions of the body are much worse than before. In fact, this is a natural normal phenomenon. So, how to delay aging? Depending on cosmetics, nutrition or exercise, in fact, these kinds of more or less will affect the speed of aging. Especially for women, after having a baby, their body will be much worse than before. We should pay attention…

    May 9, 2022 health