starry sky

  • This man, he even “splashed ink” in the cosmic starry sky

    Many people love art and like calligraphy and painting. They have enjoyed countless masterpieces in their life and have seen many scenes of calligraphy and painting by calligraphers and painters. They are pleasantly surprised, but they are all in line with the rules. However, when I saw a picture showing the magnificent and spectacular of cosmic galaxies, it brought me an unprecedented shock Please let me do a popular science first: the picture above is the rose Nebula (NGC 2237), a huge hydrogen II region, located at the end of…

    May 25, 2022 science
  • EOS stunning starry sky

    Source: Jeff’s journey to the stars From April 19 to May 28 every year, when the earth meets the orbit of Halley’s comet, we welcome Aquarius Η Meteor shower. In Jiuzhaigou and Hongyuan, Sichuan, I used the camera to record these unforgettable moments. There are meteors across the sky, the brilliant summer Milky way, and the Star chaser who hasn’t slept all night The combination of Canon EOS R5 and rf28-70mm F2 l USM lens was used for shooting. The parameters are ISO 6400-10000, f / 2.0, 10 seconds. With…

    May 10, 2022 travel