• It can make your speaker sound more delicate and improve the sound quality

    when you think that a good pair of speakers can improve the sound quality, it is not enough. The environment is also very important. To judge whether the environment can meet the best listening needs, the environment also needs to be tested. M23 acoustic microphone from earthworks, a famous acoustic research brand, is an industry benchmark for spectrum analysis. this is a detection device with extremely high performance. The frequency of sound can be detected from 3Hz to 23khz, which is much wider than the 20-2khz that can be heard…

    May 29, 2022
  • Sanag net red portable speaker, give some color to life

    Would you like to ask some friends out for a walk? Enjoy the beautiful scenery of mountains and rivers and tell the sadness and joy in your heart. Climbing up the mountain, eating fried chicken, drinking good wine, listening to beautiful music and watching the beautiful sunset, isn’t it happy? The outdoor weather is changeable and the environment is good or bad. In order to listen to beautiful music and render the atmosphere, we also need a speaker with excellent sound quality and adapt to the outdoor environment. At present,…

    May 10, 2022 digital