• Qatar World Cup Report: Germany draws with Spain, Japan underestimates the enemy and Belgium gets cold

    # Headline Creation Challenge# Germany drew 1-1 with Spain. In the 61st minute, Alba crossed into the restricted area, Morata outflanked and volleyed, and Spain took the lead in breaking the deadlock. In the 83rd minute, Musiara passed the ball to the goal, and Phil Kruger followed up with the explosive shot to break the goal. The German team equalized the score. Since then, both sides have attacked and defended each other, and were unable to break the goal. In the last round, Spain can ensure its qualification as long…

    November 27, 2022 world cup
  • On November 28, the live broadcast of the focus match schedule of the World Cup predicted the war report: the draw between Germany and Spain forced Japan to climb the Huashan dangerous road

    According to the Football Federation media Latest war report Japan 0-1Costa Rica Belgium 0-2 Morocco Croatia4-1 Canada Spain 1-1 Germany The latest scoreboard The tournament schedule on November 28 (live broadcast on CCTV5)At 18:00, Cameroon will check whether or not Class=”data color — tt-darkmode-4587ec”>Serbia 21:00 South Korea vs Ghana At 0:00 on the 29thBrazilvs. Switzerland 3:00 Portugal vs Uruguay Comments I always think that 26 people can be registered for the first team, and 5 or more people can be changed for each team in a game. A series of…

    November 27, 2022
  • Marina Tosa, the most beautiful town in Spain: there are too many beautiful places

    This town is really beautiful! The beautiful place is not only the place where the online red card is punched. Every alley has a special flavor~ When I was tired, I sat on the bench by the sea to drink juice and blow the sea breeze. I don’t think I need to stay long. If I don’t eat or take a boat, three hours is enough!

    May 25, 2022 travel
  • Review of qualifying in 2022f1 Spain

    Barcelona, Spain, is one of the main pre-season test tracks. After competing for the first five stops, it returned to the Europa arena, and all major teams brought important upgrades at this stop. From the practice race, wo FA Le Kou dominated the three practice races, but the gap between red bull and red bull was not big. The biggest surprise was that meiben team solved the dolphin jump and returned to the three major teams. The temperature of the track is as high as 34 degrees. Saines and touge…

    May 21, 2022 sports