• Sony semiconductor: smartphone photo quality will surpass SLR camera

    according to the Nikkei xtech report, Sony semiconductor believes that in the next few years, the photo quality of smart phones will surpass that of SLR cameras. on May 27, Sony Group held a business briefing for imaging and sensing solutions (i& SS). Terushi Shimizu, President and CEO of Sony semiconductor solutions (SSS), said at the meeting that although the three key elements of smart phone development battery, screen and camera battery, and screen technology have appeared bottlenecks, the camera still has hope for progress, It is expected that the…

    May 30, 2022 digital
  • Some people rob Sony zv-1 and zv-e10l in vlog. In fact, there are better choices than these two models

    With the rise of vlog and short videos, in order to further improve the image quality and shooting performance of their videos, some small partners began to buy some micro orders focusing on video shooting and vlog shooting. For a long time in the past, two microsheets with Sony positioning vlog were favored by many online celebrities and up bloggers, namely Sony zv-1 and zv-e10l The reason why many people like Sony zv-1 and zv-e10l is that these two machines are small and portable, and have high appearance value. The…

    May 28, 2022 digital
  • Sony ps5 has three new customized panels, pink / Blue / purple, for $55

    It home news on May 18, following the launch of “ Cosmic Red” (Star Red) and “ Midnight Black” After midnight, Sony announced that it would launch “ in June this year; Nova Pink” (Nova powder), “ Starlight Blue” (starlight blue) and “ Galactic Purple” (Galaxy purple) customized panels in three colors. The new panel can now be purchased in advance in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg for $55 (about 370.7 yuan). Sony has been releasing new accessories to make its ps5…

    May 17, 2022
  • Sony Walkman BRICs mobile phone is exposed, with a price of more than 20000. It may become the king of Pro Series this year

    Sony’s sales of smartphone products in recent years are not satisfactory, but its flagship Walkman products and ps5 game consoles have achieved good success. Then, if these products can be combined with mobile phones, a new series can be launched, or another blue ocean of mobile phone market can be created. Recently, a Sony mobile phone named “Xperia w2022” came out on the network, which is the rumored new generation Walkman smartphone According to the network rendering, this Sony Xperia w2022 smartphone is very similar in appearance to the Sony…

    May 17, 2022
  • Hot search: the price of iPhone 13 is reduced to 50%; Sony PS6 host first exposure; 6G network

    Amazon Android App prohibits the purchase of Kindle e-books In order to avoid paying Google a 30% commission for digital content, Amazon has cancelled the ability to buy Kindle e-books and other digital content from its Android shopping app Amazon has implemented this change. The policy requires app developers with an annual turnover of more than $1 million to pay a 30% commission for all in app purchases. Amazon said that users can still download and stream their own content through the app, but they can only make new purchases…

    May 10, 2022 technology
  • Sony and new Altman jointly released the wena3 smart watch with a limited number of 1000

    Sony and new · Altman jointly released the wena3 smart watch with a limited number of 1000, It is sold in Altman store and Sony store, and the actual price is about 68000 yen (about 3498.6 yuan) wena3 The watch body, including the outer packaging, adopts Altman’s silver gray as the main color, and the minimalist design dial is decorated with elements in Altman’s content in red and blue, showing a simple style as a whole. The size of the dial is 43.6mm. It is powered by button battery and…

    May 9, 2022