• Zhang Rujing, founder of SMIC, left again and returned to Shanghai to join Jita semiconductor

    Zhang Rujing is a legend in China’s semiconductor industry and is praised by the industry as the father of semiconductors in China (mainland). SMIC, the largest wafer foundry in the mainland, was founded by SMIC and resigned in 2009. Then he founded Xinsheng semiconductor and Xinen. Now, he left again and returned to Shanghai to join Shanghai Jita semiconductor On May 17, according to relevant media reports, Dr. Zhang Rujing has left Qingdao Xinen semiconductor and is now the executive director of Shanghai Jita Semiconductor Co., Ltd On November 30,…

    May 17, 2022 technology
  • Shanghai Media: old Shenhua general Qi Qicai, yihalo jinxinyu ranked at the top of Saudi Arabia Singapore shooter list

    According to Shanghai Media thoughtful Shanghai, ihalo and Jin Xinyu, two former Shenhua foreign aid, have performed very well in their respective leagues. Ihalo ranks first in the Saudi League scorer list, and Jin Xinyu ranks second in the Singapore Premier League scorer list Dubbed by fans as China Super League “ Pancake spitting King ” Ihalo, who has recovered the feeling of scoring in the Saudi League, currently ranks first in the scorer list with 20 goals. It should be noted that ihalo’s 20 goals are high in gold,…

    May 10, 2022