• First choice for the best shoes in Meiyu season! Palladium orange label waterproof travel lite+ function on stage

    may, the beginning of summer, ushers in the first wave of typical plum rainy season this year. A pair of all-weather waterproof shoes that can overcome rainy days has become the basic equipment for the plum rainy season. The French military boot brand palladium, which is famous for waterproof plus orange label waterproof technology, continues the popular style orange label waterproof travel lite+ series and simultaneously launches Oxford series of low barrel shoes, so that everyone will no longer worry about hot and humid rainy days! Combining Pampa classic French…

    May 30, 2022
  • Copy Zhu Ting! 180 main attack leads the team to realize the Grand Slam of the season! Egnu slashed 40 points without moving

    The 2021 / 2022 women’s volleyball team’s Champions League final came to an end. In the eye-catching championship and runner up final, the Turkish Super League giants wakiffer bank defeated corneliano women’s volleyball team 3-1 and won the Champions League again after four years. The scores of the four sets were 25:22, 25:21, 23:25 and 25:21 respectively. This is also the fifth Championship won by wakiefer bank this season. Previously, they have won the Turkish Super Cup, Turkish cup, league and World Club Cup. After winning the Champions League women’s…

    May 23, 2022 sports
  • Xiaoman is coming. Remember to eat 1 bitter, taste 1 fresh, eat 1 flower and avoid 3 things. Go with the season and enjoy the summer

    “The collection of the seventy-two seasons of the moon”: “ In the middle of April, when things are small and full, things are so small that they are full” The second solar term of summer is coming soon &mdash— Xiaoman. After Xiaoman, the temperature rises and the precipitation increases. Especially in the south, it is generally very humid in summer. It can be summarized in 16 words as “ It is dominated by heat, with heat in the heat, and wet in the heat ”. After Xiaoman, the human body…

    May 18, 2022 health