• This whitening secret script makes every girl hate to meet late

    About the whitening misunderstanding we have entered in those years As the saying goes, “ One white covers all the ugliness ”, Many people want to have white and tender skin. People rack their brains for whitening, but the results are often unsatisfactory. In particular, many rumors about whitening also make us often go into various misunderstandings Whitening rumors Especially about “ Food ” There are countless whitening rumors, including that people will become darker and darker when they put more cooking soy sauce, and that drinking more lemonade will…

    May 25, 2022 fashion
  • Broadcast 6 episodes and squeeze to No. 1 in the soaring list. Douban blockbuster was highly praised. Ou haoxuan won the king’s fried in the script

    Suspense crime drama has become the favorite of countless audiences. In the TV drama market in recent years, there seems to be a law that one or more suspense crime dramas will stand out every year. Just like the “anti Mafia storm” broadcast last year, all kinds of real to creepy large-scale plots make people feel shivering even across the screen. Gao Mingyuan, Sun Xing and other villains in the play are cruel and ruthless. They are so bad that after the play is broadcast, many viewers still have a…

    May 10, 2022 entertainment