• Scientists have determined what caused the world’s biggest climate disaster

    About 252 million years ago, the world was experiencing a turbulent period of rapid global warming To understand why this happened, scientists studied a specific event in which a volcanic eruption in Siberia now spewed a large amount of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere However, there is evidence that the climate has changed before that In the hundreds of thousands of years leading to heavy rain in Siberia, the sea surface temperature has increased by more than 6-8 ℃. Then the temperature rose again, so that 85-95% of all organisms…

    May 10, 2022
  • Former chief scientist of NASA: humans will be in close contact with aliens in the next few years

    Jim middot, former chief scientist of NASA; Dr. green believes that there is life outside the earth and believes that humans will be in “ The next few years ” Get in touch with aliens inside. He firmly believes that the search for extraterrestrial life can be successful. After all, there are many stars and trillions of planets in the universe. Theoretically, at least hundreds of millions of these stars and planets should have all the necessary elements to produce and maintain life. The former chief scientist of NASA said…

    May 9, 2022