Saudi Arabia

  • Saudi media: Saudi Arabia will buy the Dongfeng 41 missile, and it will aim at Washington in a few minutes!

    Recently, Saudi Arabia’s defense websiteAl Sharq TV released a report saying that Saudi Arabia would buy China’s Dongfeng-41 intercontinental missile, and specifically pointed out that this missile could be aimed at Washington and London within a few minutes, which seemed to mean something. In this regard, Saudi Al Sharq TV Station made another program to introduce the DF-41 missile, analyze the possibility of Saudi Arabia purchasing the DF-41 missile, and also invited experts to discuss. This matter has been fermenting in foreign media, causing hot discussion The picture shows the…

    December 24, 2022 military
  • Shanghai Media: old Shenhua general Qi Qicai, yihalo jinxinyu ranked at the top of Saudi Arabia Singapore shooter list

    According to Shanghai Media thoughtful Shanghai, ihalo and Jin Xinyu, two former Shenhua foreign aid, have performed very well in their respective leagues. Ihalo ranks first in the Saudi League scorer list, and Jin Xinyu ranks second in the Singapore Premier League scorer list Dubbed by fans as China Super League “ Pancake spitting King ” Ihalo, who has recovered the feeling of scoring in the Saudi League, currently ranks first in the scorer list with 20 goals. It should be noted that ihalo’s 20 goals are high in gold,…

    May 10, 2022
  • The United States wants to legislate against OPEC, but Saudi Arabia wants to “fight”: cut the oil price sold to Asia in June

    Who is happiest in the period of high oil prices? Nature is “ Make a fortune in silence ” Saudi Arabia. According to the latest IMF report, Saudi Arabia’s GDP growth rate will reach 7.6% this year, more than double that of 3.2% last year. Against the background of slow global economic recovery, Saudi Arabia can “ Upstream ”, Because of the country’s “ Cornucopia &rdquo—— Saudi Aramco is very awesome. Thanks to the soaring oil price, the net profit of the oil giant in 2021 was US $110billion, a…

    May 8, 2022 world