• Yuanwang rocket transport fleet completes rocket sea transport mission

    on the afternoon of May 29, with the last rocket product container safely leaving the Qinglan port wharf for Wenchang space launch site, the Yuanwang rocket transport fleet under the China Satellite maritime measurement and control department successfully completed the maritime transport task of the long march 5B remote-3 launch vehicle. on the morning of May 19, two rocket carriers set sail from Tianjin port. After six days’ sea voyage, they passed through the Bohai Sea, the Yellow Sea, the East China Sea, the South China Sea and other sea…

    May 29, 2022 military
  • The Shenzhou 14 rocket assembly was transferred to the launch area. It is planned to launch at an appropriate time in the near future

    According to the information from the China Manned Space Engineering Office, on May 29, 2022 Beijing time, the Shenzhou 14 manned spacecraft and the long march 2F remote 14 carrier rocket combination have been transferred to the launch area. At present, the facilities and equipment at the launch site are in good condition, and various functional inspections and joint tests before launch will be carried out as planned source: Beijing daily client | Reporter liusuya editor internship editor zhaosiyao process editor liuweili

    May 28, 2022
  • Rocket exploration swabs are also winners! It’s hard for the first place in the draft to be a superstar, but the third place is full of talents

    The 2022 NBA draft lottery has just come to an end. The first prize was won by the magic team, and the Rockets, which are most concerned by Chinese fans, only got the exploratory lottery. As the Rockets with the lowest record in the League for two consecutive seasons, they only got the second place sign and flower exploration sign. Many fans feel sorry, but careful analysis may also be a kind of luck for the Rockets. This year is recognized as a small year of draft, and the top…

    May 18, 2022 sports
  • 2022 NBA draft draw: No. 1 magic champion thunder, No. 2 rocket exploration and leakage of “three insiders”?

    The 2022 NBA draft drawing ceremony was held on the morning of May 18, Beijing time. In the end, the Orlando Magic won the first place, the thunder won the second place, the Houston Rockets won the flower exploration sign, and the kings were lucky to get the No. 4 sign. The piston unfortunately fell out of the top four and only got the No. 5 sign. The magic, rockets and pistons each have a 14% chance of winning the first prize, and the pistons are unlucky and fall out…

    May 17, 2022
  • 2022 lottery: No. 1 magic champion thunder, No. 2 rocket flower probe

    The results of the 2022 lottery conference came out: magic won the first prize, thunder ranked second, rocket explored the flower, and the king ranked fourth. The order from 5 to 14 is: pistons (5), Pacers (6), Trail Blazers (7), Lakers (8, for pelicans), Spurs (9), Wizards (10), Knicks (11), clippers (12, for thunder), Hornets (13) and Cavaliers (14) The first place probability of rockets, magic and pistons is 14%, and the first four ranking probability is 52.1%. The piston falls to the 5th position. The probability of thunder champion…

    May 17, 2022
  • This picture shows you the space journey of the Chang-7 rocket

    Freight exclusive, mission bound The Long March 7 rocket is known as space “ Express brother &rdquo May 10 It successfully launched the tianzhou-4 cargo spacecraft Send to the scheduled track This time to send “ Goods &rdquo What will the trip code of the long seven rocket record The content comes from the official wechat official account

    May 12, 2022 science
  • Rocket sound supports ultra-high immersion audio and painting experience, and Toshiba TV 65 inch m540f experience

    Preface Teenagers don’t know what to worry about. They always like to watch more for a while when they go to the Toshiba TV exhibition area in the home appliance store, even if they always play the repeated test film The bright colors of Toshiba TV, like magic, have been printed in my heart. Until now, I can’t forget So when it comes to TV, I always have a feeling called Toshiba When I grow up, I can’t do without all kinds of electronic products. Now I start to evaluate…

    May 10, 2022 digital
  • NASA will conduct the fourth lunar rocket refueling test in early June

    NASA engineers are solving the problems encountered by the space launch system (SLS) carrier rocket used in the artemis-1 lunar exploration mission, These problems caused the SLS launch vehicle to fail in the countdown rehearsal of three refuelling. NASA officials say they hope to make a fourth attempt by mid June SLS carrier rocket is transported back to the assembly and test plant The engineer has now completed the carriage The valve stuck in the second stage of the rocket has been replaced, the possible cause of hydrogen leakage from…

    May 10, 2022
  • China’s manned lunar landing plan has been determined, a new rocket has appeared, and the China US lunar landing competition is about to begin

    In recent years, China has made rapid development in the field of aerospace. With the implementation of the Chang’e lunar landing plan, China is about to make a new breakthrough in the field of aerospace technology. Recently, it was reported that China will realize the manned lunar landing plan in 2028. In order to complete one of the grand plans, China’s new launch vehicles have also appeared one after another. This is the famous Long March 9 launch vehicle. With the development of science and technology, China may establish a…

    May 9, 2022 science