• All rivers are about love!

    Like the river, chase the river. I don’t study geography photographer of the first bay of Nujiang River / mizang Dawa He once chased Wuding River, from Dingbian, Jingbian, Mizhi, Suide to Qingjian, where the Yellow River converged, and crossed more than half of Shaanxi, just to remember those frontier fortress flames with a long history. The dynasty was sad and happy photographer / Mikado Dawa In Vietnam, she followed Duras’ footsteps and walked along the Mekong River from north to south to the sea, just to recall the love…

    May 28, 2022 travel
  • Rivers with half hot water and half cold water: the maximum temperature can reach 98 ℃, but no one has found it for hundreds of years

    People who have seen waterfalls know that some waterfalls with large drop and fast water degree will produce water vapor around them. In fact, it is water particles that form fog in the air for a long time. But what if we replace the waterfall with a river? A gentle flowing river with misty water may be a local attraction elsewhere, but it is located deep in the mysterious Amazon rainforest, The river is boiling all the year round, and the fog on the river is swirling. Countless animals have…

    May 25, 2022 travel
  • Rivers is going to make a reversal, too? The 76ers won two games in a row to equalize the score and refused to fall behind 1-3

    The 76ers beat the heat 116-108 at home today, bringing the total score of the series to 2-2 For rivers, In the case of 0-2 backwardness, win two games in a row to equalize the score , This is great, of course, mainly because of the return of enbid. After avoiding 1-3 backwardness, the 76ers are expected to reverse as long as they win the battle of Tianwang mountain. Before that, The 76ers fell behind 0-2 in history and were eventually eliminated , This round They are expected to break…

    May 8, 2022