• The 2022 preemptive java learning tutorial summarized by Professor Tsinghua flows out! After 10 hours of study, you can get employed

    [guide] this article shows part of the learning video content of the 2022 pre emptive version of java150. The content is detailed, there are many practical projects, and there is a way to obtain it at the end of the article Content display: Acquisition method

    May 23, 2022 technology
  • Professor Jiang Zhongqing, jmca point of view

    [article information] Application of NiFe NPs loaded n-doped graphene hollow spheres wound with self grown carbon nanotubes in rechargeable liquid / flexible all solid zinc air batteries First authors: Ma Yefei, Chen Weiheng Corresponding authors: Jiang Zhongqing *, Tian Xiaoning *, Jiang Zhongjie* Setting: Zhejiang University of technology, Ningbo Institute of engineering, South China University of Technology [research background] Probe Motivated by the increasing energy demand and high energy density, rechargeable metal air battery, as a promising energy storage and conversion equipment, has attracted more and more attention. Reversible zinc…

    May 21, 2022 technology
  • The research group of Professor Xie Rongjun of Xiamen University found that the ultra long emission EU (II) near infrared luminescence

    Recently, Professor Xie Rongjun, School of materials, Xiamen University Collaboration with Professor shyue Ping ong, University of California, San Diego Important progress has been made in the research of high-throughput calculation and prediction of new fluorescent materials , Relevant achievements are shown in &ldquo Efficient Near-infrared Phosphors Discovered by Parametrizing the Eu(II) 5d-to-4f Energy Gap” It is published online in cell sister magazine matter The EU (II) – doped near infrared fluorescent material (SR, BA) 3li4si2n6: Eu (II), which has the longest emission wavelength so far, is found. Its emission…

    May 10, 2022