• The hand price is 74 yuan. Xiaomi micia sonic electric toothbrush T200 was released

    According to the news from it home on May 29, Xiaomi today launched the Mijia sonic electric toothbrush T200, which claims to be a combination of full-effect gingival protection and deep tooth cleaning. The hand price is 74 yuan , and an appointment has been opened. It is reported that the Micah sonic electric toothbrush T200 uses a small round brush head suitable for sensitive oral cavity to deeply clean the teeth in the back row. It adopts 0.15mm DuPont soft wool antibacterial wire , which meets the food contact…

    May 29, 2022 digital
  • The price of glory X40 is set, with a new 12 + 512g storage, and the starting price is 2899

    Like other brands, glory is now sinking some better configurations into thousand yuan machines, such as glory X series. The endurance, image and fast charge of this series are more mainstream, but the mobile phone still starts at thousand yuan, which proves that the cost performance of glory X series is also very good. Through the sales data, we can see that now glory X series is the best selling midrange machine in glory brand. The original glory X10 and glory x30 are basically popular models at the same price,…

    May 8, 2022 digital