• Ma Yun predicted that in the future, the four industries will disappear and an emerging industry will appear at the same time

    Although Ma Yun’s news on the Internet is gradually decreasing, no one will not know about him, and we also know that Ma Yun has predicted many industries and successfully realized them. I have to say that Ma Yun can succeed for no reason. Ma Yun is the founder of Alibaba group and has a certain influence in the whole society. Therefore, many people are quite convinced of Ma Yun’s words. Ma Yun once judged that the four major industries will disappear and emerging industries will rise. For this, many…

    May 17, 2022 technology
  • Newton predicted that the world would “restart” in 2060

    Newton is a famous British physicist who is famous for expounding the three laws of motion. In addition to his outstanding achievements in science, he also studied the Bible and wrote a large number of research manuscripts. He once predicted that the world would be in 2060 “ Restart ”, Once again become “ The kingdom of God;. According to the New York Post, Austrian astronomer Florian freisteter studied Newton’s life and wrote Isaac Newton: the asshole who reinvented the universe. Freystadt said in an interview with the New York…

    May 17, 2022