• It is everyone’s responsibility to ban planting and shovel poison!

    Poppy, as a plant prohibited from cultivation in China, has become a consensus among the public. However, some residents have weak legal awareness and think that poppy cultivation can be used to treat diseases. Others think that poppy flowers are very gorgeous and can be appreciated as flowers, and some even think they can be eaten as vegetables. As everyone knows, poppy is very harmful to human body Opium poppy is the main drug source plant for extracting heroin. It is easy to become addicted and chronically poisoned after long-term…

    May 9, 2022
  • The five “smelly problems” of flower farmers have never been sneaky before. After raising flowers, they have all changed

    I don’t know why. Now more and more people love to raise flowers. I observed the people who love to raise flowers around me and found that after they never love flowers to love to raise flowers, there have been some changes in themselves, some of which may not be found by themselves. I’ll summarize it for you. Can you see if I’m right? First, go out and look at the trash can Once flower friends go out, they may not see the beautiful and handsome men on the side…

    May 7, 2022 home