• After the PLA had 200 J-20s, India said it was OK, but a picture of the Indian media showed timidity

    India has been very anxious recently. Since the confrontation between the Chinese and Indian armies near the Indian controlled line in southern Tibet occurred again in December last year, the Indian media have denounced China in words and words, clamoring to”teach China a lesson”. In fact, the most exciting thing about this incident was the Indian Air Force. Just after the Indian media announced the incident, the Indian Air Force held several days of military exercises in the Indian controlled southern Tibet region and designated a no fly zone. The…

    January 5, 2023 military
  • Just after the New Year, our army arrived at Taiwan Island, and Dongfeng was in place. Taiwan media: the PLA should achieve two goals

    Just after the New Year, our army arrived at Taiwan Island, and Dongfeng was in place. The Taiwan media said that the PLA should achieve two goals. The United States, acting on its own, has troubled the world. The situation in the Middle East and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine are all caused by the United States behind the scenes. In order to eradicate the dissidents, the United States has done everything it can to suppress sanctions against China and Russia in an all-round way. In its national strategic…

    January 5, 2023
  • As the PLA battleships cruised, the Taiwan army began to “challenge” them. For four days, the artillery roared off Taidong

    when the PLA warships cruised in the Western Pacific, the Taiwan army began to”challenge”. For four days in a row, the Taiwan Strait patrol Department conducted missile test firing exercises in the waters off Taidong, and the artillery roared. At the same time, the people on the island protested to the Taiwan authorities and were dissatisfied with the Taiwan Army’s intensive firing drills. not long ago, Hangzhou, a modern missile destroyer of the people’s Liberation Army, cooperated with a number of domestic missile destroyers in the anti intervention military exercise…

    May 27, 2022 military
  • Ukrainian army damaged 14 Russian ships, and Taiwan military experts were inspired that shore mounted missiles can destroy PLA aircraft carriers

    Set “ Defense and Security Research Institute; Scholar Jiang xinpyo recently wrote that the Ukrainian army “ Land dominates the sea ” Opposite platform “ Enlightenment: Taiwan’s mobile missile force can only be in “ Allies ” With intelligence support, “ Destroy the enemy’s important targets and have a deterrent effect on the enemy;. According to Jiang xinpyo’s statistics, the Ukrainian army sank or injured as many as 14 Russian ships with missiles and UAVs, successfully attacked the strength of the Russian Black Sea fleet, and formed the effects of…

    May 21, 2022
  • Three more! The PLA crosses the gonggu Strait again, and there may be 12 warships in the Western Pacific

    In early May, the Liaoning aircraft carrier strike group of the people’s Liberation Army passed through the gonggu Strait. At that time, the Liaoning aircraft carrier strike group had eight surface ships, including the Liaoning aircraft carrier itself, a 055 10000 ton missile destroyer, a 052c missile destroyer, three 052d missile destroyers, a 054A missile frigate and a 901 comprehensive supply ship, This has also been speculated by many media as the largest surface ship formation of the PLA since the delivery of the aircraft carrier. However, at the critical…

    May 19, 2022 military
  • There are no fly zones in the South China Sea. The PLA may test missiles. The US military has no time to take into account the first two

    According to the navigation warning issued by the State Maritime Administration, the people’s Liberation Army has designated a no fly zone in the South China Sea. According to the announcement, from May 19 to May 23, the entry of irrelevant aircraft and ships is prohibited in a four-point connection area in the South China Sea. The establishment of the no navigation and no flight zone in the South China Sea was after the PLA h-6j bomber carried live ammunition into the Pacific combat cruise. According to the news released by…

    May 19, 2022 military
  • Air sea linkage! 18 PLA military aircraft cruised across the Taiwan Strait, and the Liaoning formation went all the way south to Taidong

    In the past few days since the beginning of May, with the completion of the repair of our army’s aircraft carrier Liaoning and the start of a new round of long-distance practical training at sea, the sea surface of the Asia Pacific region has entered a very lively stage again; The US Navy’s aircraft carrier Lincoln strike group returned to the Philippine Sea after completing a one-week tour in the sea of Japan last month. The sea of Japan has also sent the cloud quasi aircraft carrier to monitor our…

    May 8, 2022 military