• [news photography] Tongwei: Purple locust flowers bloom and fragrance in May

    In the center of the green belt of the West Ring Road in Tongwei County Purple locust flowers bloom in large areas Only one after another Clusters of purplish red flowers Hang on the treetop Dotted among the green leaves too beautiful to be absorbed all at once The breeze blew Bursts of flower fragrance came to my face Pleasing to the eye feel fresh Author Zhang Sai Source: Tongwei Financial Media Center

    May 20, 2022 travel
  • Glory magic4pro, the flagship of all-round photography, worthy of its strength- overseas edition

    Appearance: the basic configuration of glory 4pro at home and abroad is the same, and the main difference lies in the system. This time magic4pro continues to honor the classic design language: curved surface, symmetry, light and thin, slender as the key words. At the same time, three colors are available this time, namely bright black, porcelain blue and flowing gold. The back is made of glass, which is transparent and lubricated; The front surface design has good hand feel and display effect. The slender body feels very good, and…

    May 11, 2022 digital