• With the people

    After teaching Hukou waterfall, I asked the students to write about the memory of the river. I suddenly thought of myself. In the summer vacation of 2002, I traveled to Jinnan alone. After visiting Pujiu temple and stork magpie building, I crossed the Yellow River by boat from the ferry and returned to a small ferry near the river in Lu’an Town, Dali, Shaanxi Province. It was getting late at that time. There were no villages near the ferry, let alone hotels. In the open river beach, the sound of…

    May 18, 2022
  • Where did people go after they died?

    How did life come into being? Does the conscious soul really exist? These problems seem to have become eternal mysteries in the scientific community, but with the development of science and technology, people have a new explanation for the existence of soul and consciousness. In the era of modern quantum mechanics, more and more scientists try to use quantum phenomena to explain what is soul or consciousness. The material comes from the network Physicist Catherine claimed in a study that in the future, humans may be able to live in…

    May 17, 2022
  • People’s Daily published the 234 day inner monologue of Chen Meng, the main player of national table tennis

    On May 10 yesterday, the people’s Daily published an article about Chen Meng, the main force of national table tennis. Inner monologue about Chen Meng’s 234 days without crown. After winning the Olympic Games, Chen Meng lost to Wang Manyu several times in the finals. He suffered from being without a championship for 234 days. Then comes the return of the king who won the first Grand Slam in table tennis history! Congratulations to Chen Meng! Thousands of rivers and mountains always love, little Follow Sure.

    May 10, 2022
  • “People on the journey”

    The scenery of this route from the mountain city to the south is very beautiful. Even sitting on the high-speed railway, staring at the film transformation outside the window and watching the mobile phone position move, it will be a little exciting. Chongqing – Guizhou – Guilin – Beihai, from mountain to sea, extremely gentle! The person sitting next to me was reading Camus’s notes. I meowed a few eyes and just saw page 57, “ The stars fell into the sea one by one, and the sky drained its…

    May 10, 2022
  • People who eat with vinegar are healthier than those who don’t? The secret is all here

    Vinegar is a kind of condiment loved by people. Some people can’t eat without vinegar, and some even choose to drink it directly. Copyrighted pictures in the gallery. Reprinting is not authorized In addition, I believe many friends have heard of the advantages of drinking vinegar: It can soften blood vessels and fight cancer …… From time to time Fumigating vinegar to disinfect 。 Is vinegar really so magical? It’s okay to eat too much? Let’s take you to uncover the secret. How is vinegar made Ancestors discovered that there…

    May 8, 2022 health