• Majiawan Wetland Park is one of the most recommended parks for fishing in water

    It’s simple and fun to visit the mountains and rivers Today’s share is the park where you can play with water and fish, majiawan Wetland Park Majiawan Wetland Park is located in Chaoyang District, Beijing. There are plank roads and small rivers in the park. It is very close to the water surface most of the time. It is convenient to fish and play in the water There is a plank road close to the water in the park to catch fish at any time At the same time, there…

    May 24, 2022 travel
  • The three parks in Beijing are connected in a string, and the sea of rape flowers is beautiful. It’s fun to visit them all at once

    Author: Xiao Han In the cloudy and sunny may, when we come outdoors, in the dream valley of nature’s gallery, we gently pull up the flow rhyme of early summer, release our hearts, understand nature and exile life in Tao Ran. Today, we walk into three free parks. They are adjacent and surrounded by mountains. The scenery is better than one. There are not only golden rape flower sea, but also lake water, which is a good place for people to return to nature. Beiwu Park Beiwu park is located…

    May 10, 2022 travel