• Enlightened, Pakistan added J-10CE procurement quantity, replacing F-16 is just around the corner

    [Military secondary plane] Author: Lele After the delivery of a total of 11 J-10CEs in two batches (10 in other words), the Pakistan Air Force has recently taken a new action to purchase J-10CEs. According to the news on Pakistan’s social media, the Pakistan Air Force intends to expand the size of J-10CE equipment, which is expected to increase to 70 at the initial stage, and is expected to reach the height of 90 eventually. For AVIC, both 70 and 90 aircraft are unimaginable. Once the final transaction is completed,…

    November 2, 2022 military
  • How did Pakistan railway, the poorest of the nine nuclear weapon states, acquire nuclear weapons? Originally from U.S. aid

    The United States is the first country in the world to possess nuclear weapons and put them into the battlefield. The effect of two atomic bombs destroying two Japanese cities has made countries around the world see the sense of security brought by the development of nuclear forces. Therefore, after the end of World War II, many countries have successfully developed the atomic bomb. The United States and the Soviet Union built tens of thousands of atomic bombs during the cold war, leaving the whole world in fear of nuclear…

    May 20, 2022 military
  • After the prime minister personally ordered, Pakistan railway launched an arrest operation to attack the Chinese motorcade and was arrested

    In April this year, after the terrorist attack on the Confucius Institute in Karachi, the Pakistan railway government launched actions throughout the territory to prevent and combat domestic terrorist forces. Recently, Pakistan’s actions have achieved certain results and successfully prevented an attack against Chinese citizens in Pakistan. According to Pakistan today and other media reports, recently, Pakistan’s anti-terrorism department and the police launched a joint operation in Balochistan province, successfully arrested a female suicide bomber and seized explosives and detonating devices at his residence. Pakistan’s counter-terrorism Department said that the…

    May 17, 2022 military