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  • Today’s NBA: Butler God came down to show the nature of a superstar in the playoffs, and the lottery draw came to an end

    Today, Beijing time, the nba2022 draft draw officially ended, and the Lotto draw results were released, Magic, thunder and rockets took the first place, second place and Tanhua respectively, and the king ranked fourth. The draft will be held on the morning of June 24 Complete Lotto signature list: 1. Magic 2. Thunder 3. Rocket 4. King 5. Piston 6. Walkers 7. Pioneer 8. Pelican (from Lakers) 9. Spurs 10. Wizards 11. Knicks 12. Thunder (from clippers) 13. Wasp 14. Knight Miami Heat (1) 118-107 Boston Celtics (0) In today’s…

    May 18, 2022 sports
  • NBA playoffs East and West finals schedule is coming, who can win the championship?

    On May 16, Beijing time, the Celtics in the East and the lone ranger in the west won the finals of last year’s Milwaukee Bucks and Phoenix Suns in Game 7. As a result, all the teams in the East and West finals of nba22 playoffs were produced, including the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat in the East, the Dallas Lone Ranger and Golden State Warriors in the West. The following is the detailed schedule: Pictures from the Internet Pictures from the Internet On the west side, when it comes…

    May 17, 2022
  • NBA playoffs add two MVPs, who will be the first winner? 4 in the West and 3 in the East

    On May 13, Beijing time, the NBA officially announced that the League will redesign several playoff trophies and add two MVP trophies, one for the East West finals, named after Johnson and bird. Some people say, why don’t dongjue MVP be named after James? Ruled the East for eight consecutive years and won the eastern finals nine times. To explain here, James is an active player, so it is impossible to name him after him. And James may return to the East. In case he leads the team to the…

    May 13, 2022 sports
  • Win, 0 in five playoffs! NBA first lucky star! Really win 27 million

    Is the series of warriors (3) and Grizzlies (1) coming to an end Grizzly official announcement, When the star Morant suffered a bone contusion in his right knee, he will be absent from the G5 Although it is said that Wumo bear played vigorously during the regular season, the playoffs are the stage of stars after all According to the statistics before the G4, when Morant was present in the playoffs, the Grizzlies won a net 36 points, on the contrary, they lost a net 29 points In this round…

    May 11, 2022 sports
  • The playoffs went back 15 years, and Tanhua, who was in the same year with the Arab League, rejuvenated

    This is a match between the top three teams in defense efficiency in the playoffs. The biggest visual effect is one word: Hard It’s too hard. It feels like every ball is passed and hit between iron plates DPOY’s defensive hardness in the last three minutes and Rex Rabbit’s detached hand feel directly took away the game Five times the wall fell! Smart has become the king of offensive fouls in the playoffs You can always trust smart As long as he is there, the Celtics are the hardest team…

    May 9, 2022 sports
  • NBA playoff singles Wang Yizhu! Harden fell to the top of the second list, too strong, curry was 20th

    The NBA playoffs are becoming more and more intense, and the individual singles performance of stars is also very different. So, up to now, what is the singles scoring list of this season’s playoffs At present, the singles ranked No. 1 is not harden, but dongqiqi, a lone ranger. So far, Dong Qiqi has averaged 8.3 points in singles in the playoffs this season. He is the only player in the league who has averaged more than 8 points in singles. His singles hit rate is 45.9%, and his performance…

    May 8, 2022
  • In the series of 3-1 turnaround in the playoffs, the Nuggets are a miracle and have become an unforgettable classic in 16 years

    The NBA playoffs is the most exciting stage. It brings countless exciting moments to the fans. Here, the players show all their selves, and the team also shows all their efforts to fight for the championship. Among them, the 3-1 reversal has also become a very interesting topic In the 75 years of the league, only 13 teams have successfully advanced to the series against the wind under the extremely unfavorable situation of 3-1 points. This happened for the first time in 1968 and the most recent in 2020. In…

    May 8, 2022
  • Paul and curry played 18 times in the playoffs, and Paul averaged 17.8 points. What about curry? There is a big gap

    The NBA playoffs are still in full swing. Now, the two teams most likely to enter the Western Conference finals are curry and Paul. Now the warriors are 2:1 ahead of the Grizzlies and the Suns are 2:1 ahead of the lone Rangers. The main point guards of the two teams are curry and Paul. In terms of honor, curry is undoubtedly better than Paul. He won three championships, two regular season MVPs, two scoring kings and one stealer. Paul’s career has gained five assists and six steals, but there…

    May 8, 2022 sports
  • In each of the three games, some people were expelled to see the integrity of the NBA Business League

    In each of the three games, some people were expelled to see the integrity of the NBA Business League. The warriors returned home and beat the Grizzlies by 30 points. Although there was no suspense, there were many dramatic scenes. In the half round of the fourth quarter, the Grizzlies Kyle · Anderson was called an offensive foul and was very dissatisfied with the decision. His teammates couldn’t hold it. He had to find the referee to make a theory. As a result, he received two technical fouls and was…

    May 8, 2022 sports
  • Curry surpassed pierce and McHale in the playoffs

    On May 8, in the third game of the second round of the Western NBA playoffs, the warrior v s Grizzlies, curry played for 34 minutes, shot 7 of 14 and scored 30 points. The total score of the playoffs was 3189 points, surpassing Paul Pierce and McHale, ranking 21st in the total score of the NBA playoffs. James Harden was ahead of him.

    May 7, 2022