• To continue its development, the Chinese navy needs to equip 6 aircraft carriers, 9 two attacks and 16 drives, with a total tonnage of more than 3 million

    The development of the Chinese navy has always been a great surprise. In the past decade, the Chinese navy has put a large number of new ships into service, and the speed of building ships is amazing. Therefore, this way of building ships is also nicknamed”Xiajiaozi” by netizens. In 2011, the total tonnage of Chinese naval vessels was about 1 million tons. By 2021, the total tonnage of Chinese naval vessels in service will reach 2.4 million tons, more than doubling in 10 years. This is an amazing development speed….

    December 24, 2022 military
  • Remus 300 was selected into the next generation small unmanned underwater vehicle (suuv) project of the US Navy

    Huntington · HII (Huntington Ingalls industries) recently revealed that their “ Remus ” The model 300 unmanned underwater vehicle (Remus 300 UUV) has been selected by the US Navy to enter the next generation small UUV project (suuv)   “ Remus ” 300 is a small unmanned underwater vehicle with modular open structure. The standard type is 2.3m long, 0.19M in diameter and weighs 56kg. Depending on the load and configuration, the weight is between 45 and 68 kg. The maximum diving depth is 305 meters (1000 feet), the speed is…

    May 21, 2022
  • If it weren’t for the level of World War, everyone would be reluctant to take the Navy hard

    Ten years army, one hundred years Navy! In fact, the key to naval construction can be summarized in two words Is: burn money! Burn money on a large scale! Continue to burn money on a large scale! Only a large country can afford a modern navy, and the threshold will be higher and higher. Just one close defense dense gun can knock out 50 W bullets in a second. However, for the sake of national security, territorial unity and sovereign autonomy, we have to burn. So the navy is the…

    May 18, 2022 military
  • The super power Navy’s surface fleet is “getting timid” and dare not even carry a nuclear bomb?

    At the height of the cold war, all large surface main combat ships of the superpower Navy, including most attack nuclear submarines, had to carry at least one or two nuclear weapons in their daily patrol and combat readiness. So why did we have to deploy nuclear weapons on top of major ships in those years? One fundamental reason is that most of the similar surface ships or submarines of the global rival Soviet Red Navy also generally carry nuclear weapons. In this way, if a close opponent does not…

    May 18, 2022 military
  • Attract attention! What is the purpose of the Australian side’s wantonly exaggerated discovery of the activities of the Chinese Navy reconnaissance ship?

    [military secondary plane] author: Pig riding Knight The Australian Defense Ministry said in a statement that a Chinese navy ship was found in Australian waters and was continuously monitoring the Chinese ship. The Chinese navy has been active in international waters, but Australian Defense Minister Peter · Peter Dutton described this action as “ Aggressive behavior ”. This event has triggered a huge controversy in the Australian Navy and shows that the PLA is expanding to the ocean. ▲ Neptune photographed in Australia The matter involves the PLA Navy’s 815…

    May 16, 2022 military