• Hand muscles atrophy inexplicably. Electromyography helps solve the mystery

    Recently, a 20-year-old young man came to the neurology clinic of the Fifth Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University. The receiving doctor learned that after the young man fell on his bike two years ago, his left hand appeared Muscle weakness Symptoms of. After treatment in the local hospital, the symptoms of weakness did not improve significantly, and even Hand muscle atrophy 。 The receiving doctor suspected Focal lesions 。 After electromyography, the examination results suggest “ Chronic neurogenic damage of both upper limbs, left side, considered as Hirayama disease ”,…

    May 24, 2022
  • How to choose skin care products for acne muscles (Oily Acne muscles): the role of retinoids in acne elimination

    Retinol (vitamin A) is a recognized anti-aging ingredient, but whether retinol is effective for acne is controversial In the pharmaceutical cosmetics edited by Zoe Diana draelos, it is believed that retinol can be used for the treatment of acne. However, in “acne: etiology and practical treatment” (written by William Danby), it is believed that local topical use of retinol is ineffective for acne. In the book, it also shows that taking retinol orally every day at a high dose close to the toxic dose can have a significant acne removal…

    May 9, 2022