• Less than 300 sets up dual channel 16g memory – hands-on measurement of domestic granular jinbaida DDR4 2666 memory

    Recently, the price of the graphics card has finally come down a bit, but you should note that it is still higher than the selling price. After a crazy year, the graphics card has become a tool for speculators to make money and hype. This really torments us who just need hardware performance. The reason is that there is no competitor~ Looking back over the years, the prices of hard disk and memory have fluctuated wildly. Earthquakes and the shortage of raw materials can make the prices of these categories…

    May 30, 2022 digital
  • How many gigabytes of memory is the “human brain” equivalent? Or underestimate your brain’s storage capacity

    “ Stupid kid“ Stupid kid;, How can there be so many “ Stupid kid;? Do you worry about your children every day? Why are they worse than others? Are they really stupid? Is your child’s brain “ Memory ” Is there only one g? How many G’s does someone else’s child have than their own? No, no, no, it’s the same. We should never underestimate our brain storage capacity. Researchers found that about 100000 brain cells die in our human brain every day, and the more inactive we use the…

    May 10, 2022 health
  • Why should the brain delete the memory before the age of 3? What did you see when you were a child? Uncover the secrets of comics

    Introduction: when is the earliest memory in your impression? Can you only remember to be 3 ~ 4 years old at the earliest? Maybe I was spanked by my father once, or I peed my pants in kindergarten for the first time, and didn’t dare to tell the teacher. If you recall further, do you feel like you can’t remember anymore? Why on earth is this? In fact, scientists have always been very confused about this problem, and have been studying it. They call the loss of memory before the…

    May 9, 2022 health