melon seeds

  • Reminder: melon seeds and peanuts, one for fattening and the other for reducing weight, are you really eating right?

    During Chinese New Year holidays, melon seeds and peanuts are essential nut snacks for every family. Chatting and eating melon seeds during family and friends’ gatherings are definitely good for killing time When it comes to eating melon seeds, many people have had the feeling that they can’t stop eating melon seeds, eat too much, and their lips are prone to dry and astringent. They feel full after eating a few peanuts Moreover, peanuts and melon seeds are nut snacks with very high quality. Eating too much is easy to…

    May 28, 2022 fitness
  • It is not recommended to eat “melon seeds” during weight loss? What other foods will affect the effect of weight loss?

    I believe you should not be unfamiliar with melon seeds. Melon seeds can be regarded as a kind of nut. Many more traditional families may prepare some melon seeds at home every new year’s festival, which is very convenient for eating by yourself or entertaining guests Melon seeds taste mellow and rich, and the nutrients contained in them are relatively rich What are the benefits of eating melon seeds Kidney care: As an important detoxification and metabolism organ in the human body, the health of the kidney may be directly…

    May 18, 2022 fitness